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The #1 Secret To Finding The Perfect Family Vacation Package


The term “family vacation packages” may strike fear in the heart of any sane parent, for vacationing with children can be a supremely stressful time in a parent’s life. Many people find the planning stages difficult and can’t seem to find the right package for the right price. Thankfully, there are some tricks that can make family vacations more enjoyable. Take a look:

So the biggest secret, and the most simple, is to just start looking! Give yourself plenty of time to research affordable family vacation packages. There are some great ones out there, if you hunt long enough. If you have plenty of time, then start your search as early as possible. Many companies give great discounts to people who book early. They like the predictability and the commitment. The best times of the year to search for deals are at the beginning of the year. Most people do not like to book trips in January, right after the expenditures of the holiday. The timing is right for a good discount, though.

If you are having trouble finding the right package, then check with an experienced travel agency. It may seem very retro, but travel agencies exist for good reason. They are generally “in the know” and can save you money on family vacation packages by finding the best deals. Include a great agent on your search, early on. Again, timing is everything.

And finally, don’t neglect those coupons and discounts found online. The Internet can be your best friend in your search, if you do it the right way. Bookmark pages and continue to return to the site. Add yourself to mailing lists and email lists to stay informed of deals that can crop up. The key is to not limit yourself and surround yourself with other folks who are in the know.

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How To Plan A Surprise Romantic Getaway For Your Anniversary


Congratulations on achieving another year of marital bliss. Anniversaries are important dates for married couples and are definitely cause for celebration. Many folks decide to venture out on romantic getaways to mark the occasion. This can be a great idea. To enhance the romance, you may even want to surprise your honey with the trip. Pulling off a surprise takes some careful thought and planning, though. Take a look at the following tips to help you make your getaway happen:

1. Concentrate on the lodging.

There are many lodging options when planning romantic getaways. That is why it is so important to determine what it is you are searching for and what would make you happy. The hotel can make or break your trip. First, draft your budget and then stick with it. Next, check out the amenities of a potential site. Make sure there will be a swimming pool and/or hot tub, as well as an excellent concierge in place.

2. Choose your date wisely.

It can be a good idea to call the concierge of your hotel to figure out what is going on the weekend or week of your anniversary. Many towns play host to some unique festivals. Check the surrounding areas as well for any unique towns nearby. It never hurts to take a few day trips.

3. Have a trusted friend or family member help you.

Romantic getaways can be a stressful process to plan, particularly if you are making it a surprise. Enlist the help of someone who knows your spouse well. They will be able to give you invaluable advice, help cover for you when you are about to give the secret away, and can help you pack your spouse’s bags. The decreased stress load will certain let you ready to enjoy your vacation.

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5 Ways You Can Practice Responsible Tourism

In today’s day and age, more people are concerned with treating the world fairly and honestly. This can take the form of respecting the ecosystem as well as nurturing the world through social responsibility. In the travel realm, this is known as “responsible tourism.” Here’s how to practice ethical travel:

1. Take only photographs, leave only footprints. (ecotourism)

This has become a popular phrase, meaning, leave the ecosystem the way you found it when you first arrived to your destination. In other words, do not leave trash in the natural environment and do not take plants and other infrastructure from its natural habitat. Practice responsible ecotourism.

2. Donate money each time you travel.

Another aspect of responsible tourism is donating to a local charity in the town in which you visit. Or find a tourism firm that donates money to charities and worthwhile organizations.

3. Respect local cultures.

Not every culture is going to be like yours. Read up on the local culture in which you will submerse yourself in order to understand the culture in that town. Practice respect, regardless of differences.

4. Find a responsible travel bureau.

Many tourists utilize travel agents and firms, as well they should. This can be a wonderful resource, helping you to save time and money. Some unique firms will donate money each time you bring your business to them. Take a look online for some firms that practice what they preach.

5. Consider lodging that brings money directly into local communities.

Local inns and cottages, as well as homesteads generate revenue directly in a community, with local innkeepers being those who live in the town itself. Try to choose local spots over large chains. Attempt to pour your tourist dollars into the local community when possible. Always ask yourself what responsible tourism looks like.

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Check Out These 5 Don’t-Miss (But Affordable) Texas Getaways


Tejas is the Spanish word for “Texas,” meaning friends or friendly. And no state’s name fits its state better than Tejas. With such a wonderful air of hospitality, you can’t really go wrong with any of the Texas getaways you may want to experience. But here are some of the top five you may want to consider:

1. Brenham, Texas,

Nestled right in between Austin and Houston, you definitely don’t want to miss out on visiting this charming little country town. Home to Bluebell ice cream, wine trails, dairy farms, horse ranches and Bed and Breakfasts galore, this is a wonderful option for those with children, or for those couples wanting to take a romantic trip.

2. Wine Trail in South Texas

When most people hear American wine, they think the West Coast, specifically Napa Valley. While California certainly does contribute to the American wine scene, Texas is doing its part as well. One of the best wine trails in the U.S. is found further south. Running through Brenham, Chappell Hill, and Burton, there are four excellent wineries to tour and enjoy scenic views.

3. Washington-on-the-Brazos

Known as the birthplace of Texas, this state park is a must-see Texas getaway for any Texan, young or old. With demonstrations taking place most weekends and a huge Independence Day celebration taking place in March, you won’t want to miss this.

4. Houston, Texas

Yes, it is a huge city, but don’t neglect this affordable gem. With many festivals galore, there is something for everyone in this town. Food festivals, bars, children’s activities, nature parks, symphonies and ballets and romantic spots, this city covers it all.

5. Round Top

This quaint and small town sits just outside Brenham and boasts an annual antique fair that you won’t want to miss. One of the largest antique spots in the world, Round Top is a treat for those looking for unique Texas treasures.

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5 Hill Country Events That Are Perfect For Families On A Budget

Taking a family on vacation can be an expensive endeavor. The cost of food, accommodations, and entertainment for multiple people can really add up, particularly when you find yourself away from home. Thankfully, there are some great, affordable options when it comes to vacationing in Texas. Take a look at the following Hill Country Events to inspire your next family outing:
1. UTOPiAfest
This family-friendly music festival generally takes place in the fall each year in the tiny town of Utopia, Texas. While tickets usually sell for about $150, this includes over 20  bands and free camping. Bring your RV if you’d like or set up camp outside. Cook your own food and bring the family! Camping with music each night doesn’t get much more budget-friendly.
2. Garner State Park Dances
Visiting Garner State Park is a must-do for every Texas family. If you want to make your visit extra special, make sure you plan your trip around the famous summer dances. Started in the 1940s, this has become a family tradition for young and old alike. Just make sure you show up early, as the park becomes crowded quickly.
3. Sabinal Wild Hog Fest
This quaint festival is located deep in the heart of Texas and is a favorite among all Hill Country events. With hog chasing contests, arts, crafts, music, dancing and food galore, this is a very family-friendly event. And at $5 a ticket, it can’t be beat.
4. Floating the Frio River
Texans love their water activities, and floating the Frio is a Hill Country favorite. Jump in at any point of this 200-mile winding waterway to enjoy the refreshing temperature of the  cypress-lined river. Bonus points for starting at Garner State Park and ending at that famous dance!
5. Camping and Hiking
And of course, a post on Hill Country events would not be a real post if hiking and camping was not mentioned. About as budget-friendly as they come, these outdoor activities are great for children and adults alike. With the gorgeous backdrop of the hills in Texas, you can’t go wrong planning a trip outside.
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5 Slick Tips That Can Help You Find And Book A Great Last-Minute Hotel Tonight


  • There are numerous reason why a person would need to book a hotel tonight. Many people are simply out on the road, on a road trip, and needing a place to stay. Others would like to plan a spontaneous, last-minute trip, while still others are unhappy with their current abodes. Whatever the reason, though, the modern world has made it easier than ever before to book a last-minute hotel. Take a look at some of the following tips to help you in your adventure:

    1. Utilize the Internet!

    The digital medium of the Internet is a great resource. Nowadays, you simply type in the name of the town in which you wish to stay, and within seconds, you will have a vast array of options. These searches should also include ratings, as well as potential deals for booking last-minute.

    2. Give the hotel a call in person.

    Never settle for the price online. Information may not be up-to-date either, so always call to see if the hotel is running any specials for the day.

    3. Always stay up-to-date on special email lists for hotels.

    When you find a hotel you love, you will never want to let go. With today’s world, you don’t have to. Now, you should simply join the email lists available for different businesses. This will ensure you receive any available specials, as well as up-to-date information for your hotel tonight.

    4. Don’t limit yourself to just one town.

    Check the surrounding areas for more hotel options. Don’t stick with just one geographical area. You never know who you meet or what you will see by visiting multiple locations.

    5. Don’t ignore the amenities.

    Finally, it is still important that you demand the finest from wherever you are staying in whatever hotel tonight. Just because you book last minute does not mean you should be stuck in a sorry hotel. Look for swimming pools and a nice concierge as reliable indicators of how nice the hotel will be.

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5 Important FAQs For First-Time Luxury Condo Renters


When seeking out your first luxury condos, you should be aware of a few things to ensure that your rental is exactly what you are looking for. Vacation rentals vary an extraordinary amount, so research and some planning is definitely necessary if you want to snag the right abode for your trip. Take a look at some frequently asked questions to get you started in your search:
1. What kind of rooms does a condo offer?
Luxury condos are unique rental options in that they some offer a wide variety of rooms. From standard hotel rooms to suites, many rooms are privately owned and can be rented out based on the owner.
2. What is a typical price range?
Again, because the rooms are typically owned privately, the price range can vary quite a bit. A great condo will allow the guest to search online for rooms and allow that user to evaluate the room. That means if you are interested in booking a spot at one of these hotels, you can preview the room and make your reservations based on the room and the price.
3. What sort of amenities should I expect?
With the word “luxury” being key, you should be able to expect a great swimming pool, a wide array of room availability, a knowledgeable and helpful concierge to help you navigate the location.
4. How important is location?
The location of the luxury condos matters as much as you want it to. Typically, however, if you choose a hotel based on the skiing opportunities, you should take a look at the surrounding area. Choosing a town with a great music and wine scene as well as having historical tours available and spas in the area can be welcome respites after long days of skiing.
5. Are luxury condos appropriate for children?
This depends completely on the hotel. Call ahead of time to see any policy on children and gauge whether the rental is right for you and your family. Make sure you check on any special online deals they may offer before you book your vacation.
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