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5 Ways You Can Practice Responsible Tourism

In today’s day and age, more people are concerned with treating the world fairly and honestly. This can take the form of respecting the ecosystem as well as nurturing the world through social responsibility. In the travel realm, this is known as “responsible tourism.” Here’s how to practice ethical travel:

1. Take only photographs, leave only footprints. (ecotourism)

This has become a popular phrase, meaning, leave the ecosystem the way you found it when you first arrived to your destination. In other words, do not leave trash in the natural environment and do not take plants and other infrastructure from its natural habitat. Practice responsible ecotourism.

2. Donate money each time you travel.

Another aspect of responsible tourism is donating to a local charity in the town in which you visit. Or find a tourism firm that donates money to charities and worthwhile organizations.

3. Respect local cultures.

Not every culture is going to be like yours. Read up on the local culture in which you will submerse yourself in order to understand the culture in that town. Practice respect, regardless of differences.

4. Find a responsible travel bureau.

Many tourists utilize travel agents and firms, as well they should. This can be a wonderful resource, helping you to save time and money. Some unique firms will donate money each time you bring your business to them. Take a look online for some firms that practice what they preach.

5. Consider lodging that brings money directly into local communities.

Local inns and cottages, as well as homesteads generate revenue directly in a community, with local innkeepers being those who live in the town itself. Try to choose local spots over large chains. Attempt to pour your tourist dollars into the local community when possible. Always ask yourself what responsible tourism looks like.

Trying to practice responsible tourism throughout your travels? Contact Book Here, Give Here for some more ideas on how to give back to your traveling community.