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5 Hill Country Events That Are Perfect For Families On A Budget

Taking a family on vacation can be an expensive endeavor. The cost of food, accommodations, and entertainment for multiple people can really add up, particularly when you find yourself away from home. Thankfully, there are some great, affordable options when it comes to vacationing in Texas. Take a look at the following Hill Country Events to inspire your next family outing:
1. UTOPiAfest
This family-friendly music festival generally takes place in the fall each year in the tiny town of Utopia, Texas. While tickets usually sell for about $150, this includes over 20  bands and free camping. Bring your RV if you’d like or set up camp outside. Cook your own food and bring the family! Camping with music each night doesn’t get much more budget-friendly.
2. Garner State Park Dances
Visiting Garner State Park is a must-do for every Texas family. If you want to make your visit extra special, make sure you plan your trip around the famous summer dances. Started in the 1940s, this has become a family tradition for young and old alike. Just make sure you show up early, as the park becomes crowded quickly.
3. Sabinal Wild Hog Fest
This quaint festival is located deep in the heart of Texas and is a favorite among all Hill Country events. With hog chasing contests, arts, crafts, music, dancing and food galore, this is a very family-friendly event. And at $5 a ticket, it can’t be beat.
4. Floating the Frio River
Texans love their water activities, and floating the Frio is a Hill Country favorite. Jump in at any point of this 200-mile winding waterway to enjoy the refreshing temperature of the  cypress-lined river. Bonus points for starting at Garner State Park and ending at that famous dance!
5. Camping and Hiking
And of course, a post on Hill Country events would not be a real post if hiking and camping was not mentioned. About as budget-friendly as they come, these outdoor activities are great for children and adults alike. With the gorgeous backdrop of the hills in Texas, you can’t go wrong planning a trip outside.
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5 Ways Luxury Ski Hotels Are Worth The Extra Expense



5 Ways Luxury Ski Hotels Are Worth The Extra Expense


Going on vacation should be a relaxing and stress-free break from the real world, so to speak. And though it may cost a little more to stay at a luxury ski hotel, it is worth the extra expense just to enjoy the stress-free atmosphere and extra amenities. When booking a ski vacation, consider these five ways of why luxury ski hotels are worth the extra expense.


  1. Room Service


Many hotels, both luxury and economy, offer some form of room service. However, it is mostly luxury hotels and resorts that offer consistent and quality room service. From laundering clothing to in-room dining to help with your bags, a luxury ski hotel will offer every variety of service and will often offer it expeditiously.


  1. Extra-Extra Amenities


There are “amenities,” and then there are the REAL amenities. Great luxury hotels will offer fantastic perks that regular hotels do not. From spas, to elegant dining options to beautiful swimming pools, the services at a luxury ski hotel cannot be beat.


  1. Quality of the Rooms


From the views to the actual cleanliness, rooms are usually larger and cozier in luxury hotels. This rings especially true for ski hotels. With mountain views and colder atmospheres, it can be worth the extra expense to have a warm, clean and luxuriously outfitted abode. Generally speaking, it just feels more relaxing to stay in a more opulent hotel.


  1. Attention to Details


The main thing that sets luxury accommodations apart from more economical choices is the attention to detail such places are able to offer. From the décor, to the linen choices, to the architecture, most luxury resorts just feel better. This may be psychological, but it is important to take this into consideration as the point and focus of a vacation should be the stress-free environment.


  1. Concierge


The word concierge comes from the French practice of having someone live at the entrance of an apartment-like complex and serve as the janitor and general groundskeeper. The concierges at today’s big luxury ski hotels have evolved into a mainstay and lifesaver for guests. A great concierge can make all the difference with their ability to give advice and suggestions and handle stressful situations for you. The concierge alone is worth spending a little more at a great hotel.


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5 Things to Remember When Choosing a Family Vacation Destination


Planning a family vacation is a much different experience than planning a romantic getaway for two. Traveling with children can be stressful, but it can also be a great adventure. Keep these five things in mind when choosing your next family vacation destination to make the most of your trip:

1. Consider the Weather

 When you have children of any age accompanying you, you will want to keep the weather in mind. If you are going to choose a warmer-climate destination, make sure there will be water activities available. And a cold-weather climate can be a perfect place for children to vacation if you ensure there will be enough to do outside, like snow sports. The biggest weather to avoid when planning a trip with children is rain.

2. Consider Local Activities

 Whether you choose a beach setting or a mountain setting, make sure you do your research as to the local area. A family vacation destination should include local activities for your children to enjoy. Festivals, great hiking spots, and fantastic options for day trips are all things you will want to research beforehand.

3. Consider the Lodging Options

 The type of lodging you choose will be just as important as the geographical location. Resorts are great options for families with children, as resorts can usually accommodate larger groups of people. Look for cozier options like lofts and condominiums to offer greater opportunities for children to feel comfortable.

4. Consider the “Atmosphere”

 The acceptance of families and children at a location is key. Ski lodges known for their family trips can be great options for families, while high-end honeymoon resorts may be less than ideal. Always consider the environment when choosing a family vacation destination. Bonus tip: Don’t hesitate to call the potential resort to gauge their friendliness toward families.

5. Educational Aspect

This may be less important to children, but parents love it when they can introduce an educational aspect to their vacation. Check the area’s tourism page or chamber of commerce website for educational opportunities, like historical sites. Children will thank you when they grow older!

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